Aug. 19th Role Play Workshop

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2PM – 6PM

Be whatever you want. Do whatever you like. (With Consent)

You can make fantasy your reality and even if it’s just one time, once you’ve explored something new, it adds to you. Maybe you’ll never be quite the same again! Join Raymond Wise as he helps you explore your desires. If any participants are willing to reveal a fantasy or two, he will tailor the details of the class to your needs!

First, roleplay is about being free and honest with yourself. Do you need to give yourself permission to explore? You may feel the desire, but something’s holding you back. This class will give you the tips you need to go for it! Step two: planning and execution. Some roleplay feels like it needs to be fleshed out in detail. Other times, there’s the minimalist approach; letting our subconscious minds out to play. This is the most important part of this class. It is a technique that liberates your imagination, and can give you and your partner sublime and intense experiences.

Third: Trust. You’re history with the person can make a big difference here. More than Safety advice and , it’s about intent and how you live your life day to day that really counts.

Learn how to prepare: plot and character, props and imagination, negotiation, what to do when things actually go wrong, and more! All experience levels are welcome! Beginners will learn the tools they need to get started, and more experienced roleplay-ers will find ways to enhance what they already do.

I’m so confident you’ll find this workshop valuable, try the ideas for 90 days, and if you want your money back, I’ll give you a full refund. Keep the extensive class notes.

We’ll have a number of demos as well as hands on for those who want to try the ideas during the workshop. This is a long class because of the Main Event Demo – Gang Bang as Role Play.

Maybe not entirely intuitive, but it teaches a lot about the concepts above. And at the very least, you can find the Gang Bang segment erotically entertaining. My lovely leeloo will be the victim for this segment. Seeing her naked and helpless is worth the price of admission.

A major takeaway from this workshop is a psychological idea that helps both of you subconsciously draw both from your actual experiences and from your fantasies and dreams. It’s Raymond’s Secret Sauce to sublime Role Play.

This Workshop will contain nudity and sexual content.
But you can keep your clothes on if you like. : )


August 26th Caning 101 Exton, PA  2PM – 6PM

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No, I don’t do anything harsh. A cane isn’t for me,” I explained to the cane vendor.
I was at the BDSM club in New York, Paddles, and they had a cane vendor there. He was trying to sell me a cane.
He demonstrated some techniques on his forearm showing how a cane could be used rhythmically ( he had seen me flog earlier, a observant instructor ) and suggested I borrow it and give it a try (a good salesman).
I put my slave face down on the rack, chained her down.
Before starting I admired her little apple shaped alluring ass. The focus of everyone’s attention I’m sure.
I tried the various ideas he had shown me.
She was spaced out pretty quick, mouth agape, somewhat erratic and then rhythmic breathing, bits and pieces of ohhhhh’s and staccato Ah’s as I worked rhythmically on her, so I was getting interested in the cane.
It was thick, a little over a half inch. While it was a somewhat stiff, powerful, rhythmic beating near the end, it wasn’t terribly harsh. Only some redness on her ass. Just increased the intensity of the rhythm and hit harder and faster…
She began to tense up, the chains of the restraints straightened, she became stiff, curling her spine, like she often does before orgasms…
And then she climaxed.
And continued to climax.
She’s loud.
For quite some time.

Like she was being murdered.
Everyone saw a woman come from just a caning.
Not a very harsh one.
Other than music from speakers and her panting as she came down from her orgasms, Paddles was quiet. I
turned to the vendor and said,
“I’ll take it.”
Harsh and punishing is what generally comes to mind with Canes. It doesn’t have to be that way (but we’ll cover that as well in the workshop, but, hard, is easy.) Arousal, altered state (sub-space), orgasms are all possible with canes. The range of sensations is large and subtle.
We’ll cover:
1) Trust and Patience and Desire. Getting someone to the point where they WANT you to cane them is something you need to know about.
2) Types of canes besides rattan there’s all sorts of materials.
Sting, Thud, Arousing and other sensations are attainable with the right cane and technique.
3) Connection – You get that in most of my hands on workshops. It’s one approach to altered states, arousal, and in general, better relationships!
4) Technique – Using more of the cane for varied sensation. Thud – anchoring caning to arousal – rhythm Altered States – double caning.
5) Sado-masochism. First thing you think of, right? Of course it’s included.
6) QUIET caning. Apartment dwellers will especially like this.


CassandrMarie will have canes from CreativeKinkToys available


Flogging, More That Just the Basics with Raymond Wise

 This is a vetted location so you’ll have to have a account (they don’t charge) If you know me write me through fetlife RaymondWise or write me at for more information on getting vetted. and ask them about the play party later that night!

Date & Time: Friday, September 8th, 2017 · 6:30 PM – 9:30 PM  
Ocean City, NJ

Message for more details   

$26.83 including service fee. Advanced tickets. $35 plus service fee same day if available.
Dress code: Casual

When you think of most impact play, pain could be the first thing that comes to mind. While we’ll cover that, you’ll learn some non-pain ways to sub-space, as well as approaches to getting erotic, sexual responses, even orgasm, from flogging.
Motivation and understanding from top to bottom.
Connection: That’s the real secret.
Safety Third! (Only because it’s the third thing we’ll be covering.)
Boredom and The Art of Flogging: When it looks really boring, it might be sublime. REALLY understanding what’s going on.
How to Hit You: Probably thought this was the most important part.Here’s enough to get to effective, fluid flogging. Also, tips on timing and rhythm for spacey scenes, sensual scenes, or sadistic flogging.
What’s Spinach Got to Do With It? Double flogging and what I learned from a total green newbie to BDSM.There’s more than just how to double flog. Learning from others.
You’ll learn an exercise that will get you more fluid, and also closer to double flogging (Which is covered in Flogging 201!)